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Captain’s Vanishing Act
“Titus reginam Berenicen dimisit invitus invitam” (Suetone) – Titus sent Berenice away in spite of himself and in spite of herself.


As he waived at the terraces of Mfandena last Sunday afternoon, Mr. Eto’o’s sombre demeanour was ominous of bad tidings. The captain, it was soon revealed, was calling it quits. Uncharacteristically, Mr. Eto’o chose to tip-toe out of the national side with a fair measure of dignity and restrain, sparing us the usual shenanigans and the temper tantrums we have come to dread so greatly the past few years. The exit was arguably a class act.

Le 10 septembre 2013

No matter how or from whichever angle you look at the relationship between Mr. Eto’o and the fans, on one hand, and between him and the players and the football governing authorities on the other, it was at best a love-hate affair fuelled by misunderstandings, deception and a sense of unfairness. The souring situation was getting unmanageable and it finally got to the skipper.

To look somewhere else in search of a substantive reason for Mr. Eto’o’s exit would be something of a humbug. It is ludicrous to argue that some lowly scribes in the media did chase Mr. Eto’o away from football on our side. True, we were at loggerheads now and then ; we were at times at each other’s throat ; and occasionally, the odd argy-bargy turned nasty between him and us. Football is an elbows-up world. He knows that. But whatever was thrown at him was commensurate with his status as the best and brightest on our side. Mr. Eto’o, granted, was far more chastised than Mr. Landry Nguemo. That goes with the territory, doesn’t it ?

Maybe what he gave was all he had to give. But we came asking for more because we felt he had all it took to deliver. Sure, he did us proud and helped solidify our reputation long and wide. We never failed to acknowledge that. But we never failed either to remind him, in no uncertain terms most of the time, that he was expected to take us higher, to make his teammates better and above all, to help us establish a more favourable “rapport de force” on governance with the Fecafoot and the sports ministry generally.

Should we feel devastated or relieved now that our skipper has turned his back on us ? None of that, of course. We are going to miss him and I know he will miss us. We are certainly saddened by the feeling that the gem of purest ray Mr. Eto’o was is fading away with a decidedly mixed record. I was fortunate enough to have witnessed this lad flower into a very fine footballer indeed. I have witnessed his generosity and goodwill ; I can attest to his staunch loyalty towards friends and family. But that should be that ; the show must go on. Now that we find ourselves in the same shoes as Emperor Titus sending Queen Berenice away from Rome, we do part with Mr. Eto’o in spite of ourselves and in spite of himself.

Léon Gwod



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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 06:39, par yaounde En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    You are just writing nonsense, some of you these Cameroonians need proper education, how to behave and give respect to people.
    Your article so far is rubbish, because you are using some stupid white people difficult words to your own people to explain your own point of view. You can better leave Cameroon and go and work with BBC.
    Eto.o has done enough for Cameroon and you are also a Cameroon what have you your self done for your nation ? what Eto’o has done so far is not enough ? what do you people want ? shameful, disgraceful people.
    You guys can go and play with The National team now, it belongs to you guys rubbish idiots.

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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 08:42, par Bryce En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    what a funny comment !
    This message is fussy to understand and unclear to read.

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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 09:04, par Kene En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    Yaounde calm down oh. Everyone has the right to his opinion and writer is also serving the nation as a journalist. Honestly I did not know what the he intended for his audience.

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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 10:10, par yaounde En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    you call a comment funny and you contradict your self again by saying you don’t understand it. You simple don’t understand it bc you are the same useless journalist who wrote the above article by going left and right.

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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 11:21, par Teteh Kateh En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    Mr. Gwod, I’m afraid to say this is not english, but a mixt of verbal toxic rubbish without any savour.
    You’d better write in french !

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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 11:25, par Dimas En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    Eto’o and Co ! New Blues striker welcomed to training by club captain Terry

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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 12:11, par Babyoh En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    Thank you Dear Yaounde, Bryce and Kene for your ’Anglophonistic’ analysis of this Article.
    I got so dissapionted with the quality of English posted in a journal from MY COUNTRY that I felt disgraced. You mean to tell me there is no ENGLISH EDITOR at CAMFOOT.COM ?
    The Editor CAMFOOT.COM
    I wish to most respectfully recommend that you delete/remove the above article for critically serious gramatical errors that can tanish the image of this site and that of our Nation, Cameroon.I am resident in Maryland USA and was pleased to learn about CAMFOOT.COM 3years ago. Since then I visit your site at least 2 times daily and have been very appreciative of the reportings.
    My request to remove or optionally correct the article is based on the following honest and patriotic observations :
    1- The Title is wrongly translated from french to English and 2- The whole article is very very poorly translated from french to English and it is very incomprehensible .We know Cameroon is a bilingual Country and other citizens do respect and evy us because of that. The article is a real disgrace to us Anglophones and a real SLANDER to the ENGLISH LANGUAGE . From all indications it is an unedited version of GOOGLE TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH.Against this background Sir,I shall be happy if this article is either deleted or corrected.

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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 14:25, par erika En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    french is my first language and I can assure you people that even there he is still unable to be the great journalist he pretends to be. it seems he needs to know journalism is not all about using empty « big vocabulary ». Im sure he will finally find his vocation in taking care of his grandchildren at home.

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  • Le 10 septembre 2013 à 20:07, par Mburu Nodey En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    @ Yaoundé :


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  • Le 11 septembre 2013 à 01:00, par Johnny En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    To me seriously, this is not an act which we need to question. What one has to do is just to say « thank you for what you have done and good luck » !

    Our concern should rather be, whether Cameroon’s Football or Sport in general might foresee better days, not only because Mr X or Mr Y has left, but relying on our structures and organisation.

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  • Le 11 septembre 2013 à 01:41, par yaounde En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    Dear Brothers and sisters. We are all black people, our original languages and skin color does not represent English or French languages. Not a single black man on earth is a French man or an English man. A French man is A WHITE MAN, AN ENGLISH MAN IS A WHITE MAN.
    Meaning that our nation happens to be a victim of colonization and division. But at least if our own want to write and article for a common man to understand, something for the public. Why using too hard literature words ? I mean, even in Uk, articles such as this do not carry such heavy words. It pure non sense, he can better go to United Kingdom and be a secretary of the state, rather than showing us that he knows a lot of English words. It simple headling « Samuel Eto’o retires from International football ». As simple is that. Captain VANISHING ACT HAHAHAHAAH.

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  • Le 1er octobre 2013 à 17:10, par fan_237 En réponse à : Captain’s Vanishing Act

    Excellent article, Sir !

    It is strange how most people’s only base for discrediting this editorial (or blog) is the language used. Very few posters have actually said a word about the contents, could it be that their only reason for criticising the top-level language style used is because they do not agree with the content ?

    In any case, I personally agree with the content and I must add that I really love and appreciate the style and the way it is put forward.

    I’m sure many here read editorials and blogs written in French with similar style and appreciate it a lot when they agree with the view of the author.

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