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Tiko collapse again as Yosa pick away point

Publié le 6 décembre 2010

The Samba boys were humbled two nil by the Ngaoundere University football club on Sunday at the Ndoumbe Omar Municipal stadium in Ngaoundere in a match counting for the fourth playing day of the MTN Elite One.

After their impressive 3-2 home victory last week over Panthere of Bangangte, the Samba boys thought they had found their winning ways but they failed to confirm that performance on Sunday afternoon in Ngaoundere. Despite the presence of some key players like veteran striker, Atem Valentine and “want away” striker, Agbor Kelvin, the Samba boys found the Ngaoundere municipal stadium too hot to dance the Samba dance as their legs remained glued to the ground while the home side strolled twice pass them. Talking to ELimbi (Midfielder Tiko United), he was very disappointed with the score but blamed their defeat on inadequate rest after a long travel and the hot climate up north which some of the players are not used to. Tiko United remained stalked on four points after four playing days-not a good start for a team that is intending to defend the colours of the nation on the continental scene.

On their part, Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda defied the hot climate up north to force Scorpion of Bé to a one-one draw and grab the fifth point of the season. Though not quite an impressive start to their season, head coach, John Mayebi however still sounds optimistic after the game and considered the draw as a fair result.

Frank Stamford


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