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S’io credesse che mia riposta fosse
No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo, Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse (Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia)


If I believed, like the poet lost deep in hell, that whatever I would say here would be heard by anybody returning to the world, my words would sound firmer and more forceful. But, pity me, in this vale of darkness, I am facing Mr. Owona, the de facto president of the Fécafoot, who is definitely not returning to the world anytime soon. Actually, he wouldn’t even hear me as he is busy digging his way into the familiar territory of underachievement and high-handedness.

Le 4 février 2014

Is there something useful here that can be said to the President concerning his handling of the attribution of the FIFA codes to the national media ? Yes, of course, even though it appears that nothing constructive will come from ‘une certaine presse’ whose members are in cahoots with dark forces bent on smearing and ultimately destroying the careers of God-anointed mandarins.

Doing the right thing, Mr. President, is one thing. Being perceived as doing the right thing is another. You have made your decision ; it is your job, for another 6 weeks or so I believe. But dismissing a fairly reputable cyber outlet like MboaFootball and a star journalist like Mr. Mimb after barring them from Fecafoot sponsored events does not foster any perception of fairness on your part in the public. Actually, it helps to unveil a vindictive and emotional part of you that is so depressing for some of us who have known a nicer Massa Yo.

On a more personal note, Sir, unlike Mr. Mimb, I am no journalist. I never expected you to pick me, even though FIFA has routinely sent a well-deserved accreditation to me since 1994, when I was just moonlighting for LeDroit, an Ottawa, Canada, daily. I hate long-haul flights, that is the only thing that would prevent me from traveling to Brazil. I hate the rowdy, smelly and lawless crowds that flock on the terraces of football stadiums, so I rarely go there.

I do not have to. I can write a mean column right here, in cool and cozy Sipandang, West Babimbi, about a gay parade in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Between you, me and the gatepost, may I confess that in 2010, with an all-inclusive accreditation from FIFA, I ended up in Mbabane, Swaziland, on my way to South Africa, and yet wrote some great comments about the competition ?

You see, Sir, I have the best job in the world : I am a colour commentator. Pity !

Léon Gwod



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  • Le 4 février 2014 à 16:29, par fre En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    what is wrong with all these black people and European languages ? I mean can’t you write something very easy for the public ? why the useless difficult European words ? Even BBC Reporters don’t write things like black African English Journalist. rubbish.
    We are not here for a white European literature Shakespearean books, here is a football website were one can easily understand things surrounding our football and the world.

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    • Le 5 février 2014 à 14:25, par dannydan En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

      You guys fail to understand that Mr Ndogkotti writes op-eds and not news reports ; and though I agree that he can be unnecessarily superfluous, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand that he is not happy about the fact Mr Mimb who works for was denied accreditation for the World Cup by a vengeful Joseph Owona.

      And to Mr Ndogkotti I understand that you write editorials and op-eds, but they are meant to send a message. When that message is not understood by those for whom it was intended, then there is a breakdown in communication.

      A bon entendeur

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  • Le 4 février 2014 à 16:32, par Bamendaboy En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    What about the fact that no Angophone media outlet was chosen ? Cameroon is a disgrace.

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  • Le 4 février 2014 à 17:07, par bryce En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    Most journalists write to pass the message, but some do only to impress, to show up their knowledge and that become a problem in our society.
    Imagine talking to your 8 years boy or daughter with such expressions. you confuse more, at the end no one understand your message. The intellectual is the one that find a right word to express his thought.

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  • Le 4 février 2014 à 18:44, par Mayer En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    This is unbelievable nonsense. You call yourself a journalist but you can’t even express yourself to the understanding of the public. All i could realize is, you are just one of those western brainwashed Africans who has lost it completely.

    However, you should realize that We can’t allow our culture or believes to be influenced by any WESTERN powers anymore. That time is past and gone ok. Your gaysm will keep you out of Cameroon until you see things the right way.

    May God have mercy on your soul.

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  • Le 4 février 2014 à 21:09, par Jackson Jr. En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    I like the fact that i read this article about three times and still can’t get the authors thesis. Nice job son !

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  • Le 5 février 2014 à 06:54, par Akil En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    When Owona even speaks English, everyone understands when he is associate professor and francophone.

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  • Le 5 février 2014 à 15:22, par stephane13 En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    je croyais que je ne comprenais pas parce que je suis francophone et que mon niveau d’anglais n’est pas assez bon ! apparemment même les anglophones sont dans la même situation que moi !

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  • Le 5 février 2014 à 16:25, par bongo269 En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    Dang !
    Looks like the dude who wrote this nonsense and Joseph Antoine Bell went to the same school...
    Superfluous nonsense at its best.
    What kind of nonsense, is this ?
    All of this to « try » to explain why he is un-happy with the barring of a journalist ?
    Come on, now...

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  • Le 13 février 2014 à 15:09, par Nsakè En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    @Ndogkoti en anglais comme en français est proverbial.
    J’aurais pu à son aise dire qu’il est vantard. Je refuse car le Bassa le plus vantard de sa génération Nkom sylvain.
    Et Bell JA le Bassa le plus gueulard de sa génération. A vrai dire, Léon Gwod est Nkom+Bell.
    PLus on le boit plus il revendique les droits de tous les légitimes comme lui. Mimb est un Bassa qui souffre pour son soutien à quelqu’un et son franc parler Bassa sur tout foot Kamer.
    Massa Yo mes condoléances pour la mère de ton fils enseignant. Tu aurais pu être plus entregent en cette période et accorder à tous les kamerunais te critiquant savamment un pass droit.
    Qui sait, après l’article du journaliste le plus prolifique de camfoot, Massa Yo le savant pourrait accorder un wild card à Camus Mimb.
    Je compte sur toi...« ex président technique du Kamerun ».

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  • Le 5 juillet 2014 à 23:02, par Jubi En réponse à : No FIFA Codes, no Brazil ? Minalmi…

    Very excellent English and just what the doctor ordered. The discourse has to be raised and I appreciate your verses. I always look forward to reading this brother’s thesis. Well said, Sir.

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