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Women Wolrd Cup Canada 2015
Ecclesiastes 9:9


The Bible commands clearly, in no uncertain terms, to “enjoy a woman all the days of your life of vanity”. My take on this overrated adventure of Cameroon women playing the manly game of soccer in Kanuckland is far from being ambivalent. First I have my reservations about football being played by nappy-haired or blondish females with glossy lips. Second, I do not really believe that women could ever play the beautiful game with a fair measure of panache, flair and technicity.

Le 20 juin 2015

I could be wrong, granted. But I will stick to my guns. I do not believe that the Bible ever meant for us to enjoy them on a football pitch.

Still, the question has been bugging me all day : to watch or not to watch ? Everybody around me has been heaping praise on these women. Prevailing rumour has it that they play a mean game of football, displaying scintillating skills and a lethal touch around the box. I am confused, as I promised here that I will never be caught dead watching women with make-up play this game.

Maybe I will watch, after all. I hear Ngo Ndom, Manie, Enganamouit, Ngono and the rest have become household names now and that the entire team has blossomed into bona fide footballers indeed. I have my doubts, of course, but what else is there to do late Saturday night in Tunis during Ramadan ? Pity !

Léon Gwod



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  • Le 20 juin 2015 à 20:02, par Fefe En réponse à : Ecclesiastes 9:9

    @ Léon Gwod you are a misogynistic piece of crap. How dare you use the Bible to put forward your negative view of women. You are not different from the religious extremists who hide under the name of their Holy book to do evil. I seriously blame for allowing this party-spoiling article on their site. It makes me wonder if the editors of this site by allowing this article agrees with this Léon Gwod of a person.

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  • Le 20 juin 2015 à 21:40, par MohManyu En réponse à : Ecclesiastes 9:9

    Clearly you are a man with a very small penis. That is the only conclusion I can come to to explain this chauvinistic write up, and to use the bible to justify your bias, what an asshole. We all know that you are not in Tunis or where ever you think you are . We also know you have a problem talking women and the only way you can ever interact with a woman is hiding behind a keyboard and you want to use a pseudonym to hide your stupidity. No one really gives a flying fart if you watch the game or not. These women are not playing for you. If you cannot get an erection maybe its because you like men. Look into that. The rest of us appreciate the effort these girls are putting to play for Cameroon, if you don’t like it go find a tree someplace and hang yourself.

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  • Le 20 juin 2015 à 23:17, par alianmoise En réponse à : Ecclesiastes 9:9

    What a stupid idiot ! Where exactly are you from ? I don’t think you are a Cameroonian. How dare you talk like that about these beautifull creature of God. You should be ashame of yourself asshole.
    To Camfoot
    do not allow stupid people to post these kind of shit to your site because this site is not local but international and the reputation of the site could be doubtfull if you let this shit of gwon or whatever he is called spoil your effort of making Camefoot the first reference of Cameroon football. Please make sure to remove this shit before the whole world start looking down on us or think we are an extremist country aswell

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  • Le 21 juin 2015 à 03:39, par lemignon En réponse à : Ecclesiastes 9:9

    son of the bitch, mother fucker, who you think you are ? so to you women should be home watching kids and taking care of the house right ? you dirty bastard, I pity that woman who gave you birth. don’t you know that these girls can feed you and your whole family your entire life ? you must be enjoying yourself every single night with soap and water. I wd personally meet with your boss and make sure that you get fired. fuck that shit.

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  • Le 24 juin 2015 à 17:59, par fan_237 En réponse à : Ecclesiastes 9:9

    Calm down, calm down ladies ! No need to use such crude and vulgar language on someone who gives his humble point of view. This is a blog meant for him to express his personal views in an editorial fashion, which he did using a very nice style. You may or may not agree with him but you can’t surely be calling him all sorts of names just because you don’t share his opinion. Everyone has got a different opinion on every issue under the sun, why shoot him because you don’t agree ? Talk of hiding behind keyboards, that’s exactly what you’re doing as I doubt you would talk to him using such words if you met him face to face. Also, he is using his real name with his photo (top, right) unlike all of you (us) using pseudonyms. He didn’t use derogatory language neither on the players nor on those who watch them ; so when you insult someone whose views you do not share, guess who is the extremist ?
    For the record, I do NOT agree with him (I have been watching women’s football for years and I got really excited for our lionnesses during this world cup) but this is a nice piece which I enjoyed reading.

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