Sébastien Bassong fête les Lions Indomptables - commentaires Sébastien Bassong fête les Lions Indomptables 2017-02-07T20:00:31Z https://www.camfoot.com/blogue-camfoot/sebastien-bassong-fete-les-lions-indomptables,25986.html#comment97229 2017-02-07T20:00:31Z <p>Appel de pied<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>? Donc pour toi, Bassong, comme il est footballeur en activité n'a pas le droit de fêter une victoire des au risque d'être soupçonné de faire des appels de pieds<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>? Étonnant comme réaction. Si je t'ai bien compris, il y a une catégorie de Camerounais qui n'a pas le droit de fêter les victoires des Lions....</p> <p>Bassong te dit alors qu'il a le droit de fêter les victoires des Lions.</p> Sébastien Bassong fête les Lions Indomptables 2017-02-07T18:23:06Z https://www.camfoot.com/blogue-camfoot/sebastien-bassong-fete-les-lions-indomptables,25986.html#comment97224 2017-02-07T18:23:06Z <p>Are you trying to tell me that Allan Nyom refused to play for his country because of management problem<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>? That guy only plays for money. He once came to the airport during the regrouping of the indomitable lions and then left back to his club. After that he asked for his participation money. He did not even played the match did he<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>? Anyways iam against Nyom qui est seulement la pour ces primes, Matip qui est plus allemagne que Camerounais avec ca grosse tette I hope he is crying now, Choupo Moting qui ne faisest pas confiance a son coach Broos, Poundje qui veut jouer pour la France, et Le mouilleur Ndy Assembe. Onana, Zambo and Amadou are welcome anytime.</p> Sébastien Bassong fête les Lions Indomptables 2017-02-07T16:29:24Z https://www.camfoot.com/blogue-camfoot/sebastien-bassong-fete-les-lions-indomptables,25986.html#comment97219 2017-02-07T16:29:24Z <p>I meant have we tried...</p> Sébastien Bassong fête les Lions Indomptables 2017-02-07T16:28:09Z https://www.camfoot.com/blogue-camfoot/sebastien-bassong-fete-les-lions-indomptables,25986.html#comment97218 2017-02-07T16:28:09Z <p>Patrick, I don't quite agree with you when you refer to the 8 players who denied the call as «<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>traitors<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>».</p> <p>First of all, had they come, I can bet, none of the Ngadeu, Bassogog or Fai would have certainly had an opportunity to show up in Gabon.</p> <p>Secondly, have we tride to look into the reasons why they were not willing to come<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>??? From among two friends, whom would you give all trust<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>? He who never speaks even when he is angry with you<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>? Or the other one who always tells you his feelings<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>?</p> <p>The last point, but not the least, is that, we shall now look further to prepare for 2019 as, we are the home country, added to the status of the reigning champion<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>! If we keep our bad beliefs and behaviours, one may fear, we might spend 15 other years waiting another bright performance<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>!</p> <p>Those guys who did'nt come were not against the team or the country, but rather against the way the team was being handled. A mere victory shall never make us forget the reality in our dear homeland.</p> Sébastien Bassong fête les Lions Indomptables 2017-02-07T14:51:32Z https://www.camfoot.com/blogue-camfoot/sebastien-bassong-fete-les-lions-indomptables,25986.html#comment97211 2017-02-07T14:51:32Z <p>Appel de balle<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>? Anyway, tu n'as jamais boudé la selection et th n'as jamais contesté les choix de l'entraineur comme ton frere Kana</p> Sébastien Bassong fête les Lions Indomptables 2017-02-07T04:03:55Z https://www.camfoot.com/blogue-camfoot/sebastien-bassong-fete-les-lions-indomptables,25986.html#comment97179 2017-02-07T04:03:55Z <p>Bassong improve your game at Norwich City in the Championship league and hopefully you can get selected for the Confederation cup. You will be a good pair with Ngadeu, Teikeu, and Nkoulou. You also have a good altitude unlike those 8 traitors. Goodluck Bassong. Hope to see you at confed Cup.</p>