Dear Mr. Ben - commentaires Dear Mr. Ben 2016-09-21T04:40:22Z,24811.html#comment93941 2016-09-21T04:40:22Z <p>The role of a journalist is to inform the general public and draw their attention to malpractices in our society. I am sorry to differ with one of our forumist who thinks its normal not to meet contract deadlines.</p> Dear Mr. Ben 2016-09-20T13:21:57Z,24811.html#comment93936 2016-09-20T13:21:57Z <p>Leon Gwod,or whatever you called yourself.Stop fanning flames between two Cameroonians.Look for another job to do rather than going after two Cameroonians who have a mis-understanding.<br class="autobr" /> Whoever is incompetent here,be it Ben Modo or Tombi,they are going to sort that out and they will move on.This is not the first time we are hearing that contractors and their employers are having disagreement, or contractors failing to meet up with deadline.So,stop making it a big story.Until you are giving bible quotations.<br class="autobr" /> My advice to you is that you should look for another profession.Or If you want to continue your journalism profession,than be professional about it.Again,stop fanning flames.</p> Dear Mr. Ben 2016-09-19T23:30:31Z,24811.html#comment93930 2016-09-19T23:30:31Z <p>Yes, Perhaps Engineer Modo's title (coming from America) rings big but is now just a name. He was dealing with petty men who exibit their pettiness everywhere with no qualms of conscience and he ignored that fact<small class="fine"> </small>; turning his axe to the wrong direction. Now, he is even more petty than those guys or maybe even worse. Why<small class="fine"> </small>? Because it's a long time<small class="fine"> </small>; infact, since I began to gain consciousness of how projects of that magnitude are executed in modern times, I never noticed anywhere or anytime, people using pickaxes and hoes. As Gwod rightly says, he should count himself out<small class="fine"> </small>!!!!! he won't be able to construct half a stadium<small class="fine"> </small>!!!</p> Dear Mr. Ben 2016-09-19T19:57:43Z,24811.html#comment93928 2016-09-19T19:57:43Z <p>Mistakes are often the best teachers in this life. I can not understand, why a pseudo professional of civil engineering like Mr Ben Modo forgot to insure his deal with Tombi. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Whether in Washington or in Yaounde, Without a letter of credit, no professional starts a job in civil engineering. Business is war. Maybe a sharp tongue does not mean that you have a keen mind. Instead fighting against Leon Gwod, it was better to do your homework Mr Ben Modo. The great pity to see the pot calling the kettle black (Ben Modo-Tombi), is only the result of incompetence or failure of know-how. To look for a white bitch giving online the impression to truly have a big acknowledgment in civil engineering or to be a big Management and to fall down so miserable, is a shame. When two people quarrel, a third rejoices. Maybe Léon Gwod choices the wrong bible´s citation. I propose.<br class="autobr" /> Exodus 7:17<br class="autobr" /> 'Thus says the <span class="caps">LORD</span>, "By this you shall know that I am the <span class="caps">LORD</span> : behold, I will strike the water that is in the Nile with the staff that is in my hand, and it will be turned to blood.</p> Dear Mr. Ben 2016-09-19T18:11:18Z,24811.html#comment93924 2016-09-19T18:11:18Z <p>What a nasty message to a brother with a good intention, that has a wrong associate called Tombi.<br class="autobr" /> I shouldn't be make a comment to a message intended to Mr Ben. since it's public, I am not guilty.<br class="autobr" /> On the other hand this Shakespeare's English is difficult to understand to impact popular view and make Mr Ben feel as a loser.</p>