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Scribe turning over a new leaf


You knew all along, I believe, that the Leonidas Ndogkoti bit was at best a nom-de-plume. Actually, it was a big humbug, and I am here to apologize for impersonating a great historical figure and the best known public square in all of Cameroon, even though I can offer a few extenuating circumstances.

Le 8 février 2013

Let it be known therefore that, in addition to moolighting here, I had a bona fide permanent job elsewhere in a reputable international organization that holds a dim view on double- dipping. Appearing on this page was an ethical issue that I somehow resolved by hiding behind a borrowed identity. Time is right now, I gather, as I freely separate from my generous employer after fifteen exciting years, to reclaim my suspended genuine identity.

The change is cosmetic, really. The thrust of my interest in the beautiful game remains unchanged, as it still rests on the way football is organized and governed, i.e. the politics of the game, or its governance if you will. I may not be your regular trained reporter, but I love this game and I believe I have gathered through the years, as a contemporary and team mate of a few national icons and a benevolent observer of football on five continents, a wholesale view worth sharing.

As I commit to be here more regularly, I wish to give assurances to my readers that I will tread the same delicate path I have been known to favour. I believe that, whether you play the big leagues, Petit-Goal or Deux-Zéro, what will make or break you is governance. I believe in the importance of a vigorous rapport de forces between the fans and the football governing authorities. I believe that government has no business in running football. I am dead against public resources being lavishly spent on a private activity like football that does not generate worthy dividends for the majority of Cameroonians. I believe that a private activity like football is best run by a private organization, the government playing its traditional and worthy role of watchdog and provider of extended conditions of access.

I run the risk of becoming irrelevant, just another colour commentator, unless my beliefs find a way of touching my readers in a special way. I accept that risk as I know that the challenge of bringing a mentality shift in this football-crazed nation holds unfathomable rewards. My name is Léon Gwod. You can still call me Ndogkoti. But I warn you : I pack a mean and big pen.

Léon Gwod


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  • Le 8 février 2013 à 14:15, par chowankid En réponse à : Scribe turning over a new leaf

    Well, Leon you know as well as I do that what you are saying is really nothing new. You are barely reiterating what transpires (and efficiently) in the real world of sports and not just football.

    The problem of Cameroon is far deeper than just football. We know that society evolves towards a given direction when all sectors of the society in question are moving towards that same direction so they help each other in their journey.

    I think the stubborn refusal of our government to open up to the private sector is the simple reason why we are where we are in the world of football and other sports. The Cameroonian model is based on the French model of centralisation and that’s why the French economy would be inexistent without its former colonies. The proof is that football teams in France are mere academies training for other countries. The massive exodus by French players to other countries is my exhibit A+.

    All French revolutions ended up with a re-emboldened centre rather than the individual being offered the opportunity for self-development and free enterprise. We are doomed in Cameroon because the change is not for tomorrow since our thinking is stifled and meant to look up to government rather than the self for resources.

    The average educated Cameroonian builds a self-development project on fall-outs from government appointments rather than creativity and individual talent, the nerve-center for societal and economic evolution.

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  • Le 8 février 2013 à 12:24, par Toguy En réponse à : Scribe turning over a new leaf

    Good times , leaden times ; for us you will remain Grand Ndogkoti ( even after your friend , the naija scrub , final ass-kick !)

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