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Put your money where your mouth is…


It seems fair to suggest that, based on a reasonable display of high caliber football in Germany last Sunday by our national side, all bets may be off. We are staunch supporters, mind you, and one single good game is enough to make us forget a string of downright crummy ones and start believing that maybe what was expected of the Lions might not happen after all. Could the widely predicted demise of the Lions be grossly exaggerated ?

Le 6 juin 2014

It is your call, actually. Speculations time has come, people, make a choice, if you dare. I suggest that we set a low bar for this exercise. Last time around, in South Africa, we finished a dismal and embarrassing 31st out of 32 competing nations. Wouldn’t we be happier with an upgrade to 30th and, why not, 3 goals scored in Brazil ?

So, cough up some greens and put down a bet on the Lions finishing 30th or better. I dare you to put your money where your big yap is and show some backbone. Personally, I do not bet as a matter of principle, but of course, I have my idea about the likely fate of our team in
Brazil. I wish I could be proven wrong…

But if ever the Lions, God forbid ! are sent packing early in disgrace, you can bet I will be part of a group of a dozen or so disgruntled supporters who are preparing to welcome them at the airport with a 12-bum salute.

Léon Gwod



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  • Le 6 juin 2014 à 16:32, par Kemet En réponse à : Put your money where your mouth is…

    Sorry but I don’t quite agree with this article. Cameroon has shown great pedigree against Germany last Sunday, which gave the team good momentum. I believe that the Indomitable Lions will give the other teams in groupe A a run for thier money. What happened 4 years ago in South Africa will not and should not happen this year in Brazil. There’s good unity and cohesion among the players and I also see how determine the team is to re-write history. Cameroon has the potential to make it real far at this year’s World Cup.

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