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Educating Herr Finke


It is fitting, I believe, to start off by acknowledging that our national side’s performance has been at best mixed in the past few years. Even though we did chalk up a few wins, the fact remains that we are weak, boring to watch and overall just plain ordinary. But virtuous accidents do happen in football, and we could very well find ourselves on our way to Brazil. I do not believe that this is likely to occur, but I wouldn’t be caught dead betting against the Lions.

Le 15 octobre 2013

Mr. Finke, our newer coach, has his work cut out for him. He must win crucial games with a squad probably depleted of the finest cog in its setup and with scarce talent to tap for replacement souls. The coach, I believe, needs help, and we dutifully oblige.

We will not, it certainly would be foolish, rule out the “ntong” or the “accident” factor. It could very well come to the coach’s rescue as it was the case in 1990 and much later in 2000 in Nigeria, when Mourad Daami, the Tunisian referee, went suddenly blind in Surulere. That said, I strongly suggest to the coach to please call Mr. Otto Pfister, and learn. He understands both German and the Cameroon game.

Mr. Pfister is the best coach we were never allowed to have for a significant period of time. Not only did his craftsmanship burst on the pitch, but he was the only coach who meant to build a national side based on insight gained from a no-frills assessment of available talent and a protracted experience in African football. He won great games that no other coaches before him could have won, including the heart-stopping Ghana-Cameroon and the gorgeously violent Tunisia-Cameroon at the Ghanaian CAN, and he almost single-handedly stole the final at that event.

But what endeared Mr. Pfister to us was his candid take on the situation of football in Cameroon. There was just not enough talent around, he argued, and there is not likely to be any in the next few years. He was right, of course, and when he started building a team that resembled a fortress, with lots of defensive skills in midfield which, granted, we had a-plenty, I thought the coach was doing what the situation and the future commanded. We were buying time, digging in and hanging in there waiting for better skills to blossom. Had Mr. Pfister stayed a little bit longer, the Lions would be on a clearer path towards redemption and not the ragtag group of reluctant performers that the various clowns who replaced him have created.

Léon Gwod



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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 03:04, par Mburu Nodey En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    Finke !

    Voici mon Classement :


    Nyom Bassong Nkoulou Assou-Ekoto


    Makoun Matip


    Eto’o Choupo-Moting

    Ramplacents :

    Ndjock or Ndy Assembe (Pas de Kameni, meme en 4e gardien)

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 07:27, par DannyDan En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    This is a fine article. A little bit subjective (it is obviously not an editorial nor an op-ed), but a fine and really articulate article nonetheless.

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 09:02, par medan En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    @Mr LEON,

    I think the lion coach isn’t at his place, we are speaking about the lions, we need a good technician.Cameroon sport Minister made a big error by singing mr FINCKE. He dont have the level of coaching the lions, it’s a shame for Cameroon to replace Akono who made great success by this coach. Recall , in 5 matches we have only score 1 goal.Our defeat will in Yaounde will be fatal for you web speakers for camfoot. By that you seemed to betray YOUR COUNTRY.

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 10:58, par FiFion En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke


    I completely agree with you...and especially on the Akono case.... Our football has its unwritten rules and we needed an insider who can juggle with all that and most importantly bring us a satisfying result at the end. I believe our rush for victory is blinding us from the lack of consistency we really have. Everything need to be rebuilt from scratch.

    even though i see some real talent in today team, people like MAtip, Choupo, Olinga, Vincent Aboubacar, Nkoulou, Bedimo, Assou-ekotto, chedjou, kana-biyick, itanje, and even bassong....has a great talent that need to be polish and put in cohesion for the great future of our Cameroon Team.

    anyway I believe this team has a lot to offer but just needed the right man with great courage and very strong back up to realize what is OBVIOUS.

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 11:53, par le visionnaire En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    I agree with you guys this man is a bad joke not a good coach. We need a great one who can built a strong and better team than this one. sorry for my English i’m a French speaker

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 11:55, par jbeyi En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    Notre defense est de petite taille on ne peut rien face à ibrahimovich, ronaldo etc si non chaque corner sera un but , il faut appeler
    YAYA BANANA qui loue très bien actuellement
    BASSONG qui était le meilleur joueur et butteur de norwich l’année dernière
    ARMEL KANA et le défenseur central de COTON sport ça c’est une bonne défense imposante et Physique
    Les gars si vous avez les coordonnées de staff technique des Lons indomptables demandez leur de choisir les maillots jaune ou blanche pour les lions à yaoundé car la maillot blanc rejette 90% des rayons du soleil les joueurs auront moins chaud et n’auront pas besoin de boire beaucoup, le maillot vert foncé obsorbe près de 75% des rayons de soleil et les joueurs venant d’europe se fatigueront vite et très tôt ils auront envie d boire de l’eau et l’organisme sera troublé par le méthabolisme qui se mettra en place c’est pour ça que la plupart des pays arabes sont toujours en blanc quand ils en ont l’occasion
    eemple : est ce que vous avez vu les maillots des lions juste après les 5 premières minutes du match ? et les maillots tunisiens ? c’est scientifique c’et pas la magie

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 11:59, par jbeyi En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke


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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 14:21, par Johnny En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    I agree Mr. FINKE is certainly not showing that he was the best coach the Lions deserved currently, but please, do not mention AKONO. Within 13 years, what has Your genius achieved ??? Nothing. Moreover, I wish to recall at Your attention that, he is among the 3 coaches appointed as Technical advisors for the ghost « DTN », and as such, has come out with no clever and short term productive proposal for the development of our Local Football.

    I believe, a good Carpenter can deliver wherever he is called upon to build a roof. The solution for our Football is to my own view, to build stadia, detect and train youths in a viable environment, monitor their careers objectively, and later on make sure they are spotted and recruited by teams which are able to guarantee their welfare (either locally or abroad).

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 14:57, par jbeyi En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke





    compos tres physique defensive et suffisamment offensive le Bresil ne nous fera pas peur je ne vois pas je ne vois pas neymar deborfer kana nkoulou ne peut barrer ibrahimovich on l’a vu et chedjou ne peut barrer ronaldo ils sont très limités et de petite taille,

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 15:02, par jbeyi En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    nkoulou veut jouer propre il ne tombe pas, il ne tire âs les maillots il a trop peur de toucher l’adversaire si au moins il était rapide mais même là rien !!! en coupe du monde on a besoin des hommes et non des vantards les français ont trompé nkoulou qu’il était très fort mais regardez la taille des défenseurs français ou espagnole, il faut gagner des duels dans ta défense comme au basket si non tu n’es pas joueur de fout va jouer au volley ball c’est là qu’il n’existe pas de contact, quel est ce défenseur qui n’a pas de cartons alors que sa défense souffre ?

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 15:23, par Abdel-Cabrini En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    I donot think it is at this level of a competition that we build teams, and try new players. The Cameroon team has been on a rough road with internal sqaubbles and in fighting for over 6 years, this has destroyed the psychological quality and unity of the group to perform, so I think the coaches and players need time for the Lion spirit to be regenerated within the rangs of the Lions.
    During the match against Tunisia, it was glaring that the pedigree of our defence, mid fielders and attack line is in need of a complete change. So do we think Mr Finke should at the return match in Yaounde try a new player from Cotton Sport, Canon, Tarzan d’obala, Purma fooftball club Young boys or Njalla Quan ? I don’t think so, at this level we need experience to qualify us, after which we can, may be during the training session in preparation for the world cup try to discover new players like the Njankas and the Ndos. Had Cameroon qualified for the last two editions of the African cup, the coaches would have used these two AFCONS to build a good team, unfortunately we have to keep on struggling with a defence that is stagnant and timid, a mid field that is not rotating, creative and aggressive and an attack that is confused, lazy and sluggish.

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  • Le 15 octobre 2013 à 15:24, par Abdel-Cabrini En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    Mr Winfrid Schaffer the former lion’s coach had offered to build a new team, and had insisted that the fans of the Lions should know that during this process the team will lose, before they start winning again, we refuse and let him go, Otto Fpister had said there are not much talents around, we refused and got him fired, Paul Le Guen tried to build a new team, we refused and ended his contract, Mr Clemente struggled with non talented players and we let him go too.
    As the French saying goes « we do not change a winning team, » but when are we going to have a winning team ? may be if we stick around with Mr Ficke for a little while, may be we have to let him know that our defenders are local players or that they are 6.2/1.86 and 6.4/1.88, (tall strong and big) or may be we have to let him have a little talk with Rade Onanovic, Zutic Branco, Claude le Roy and Valerie Nepomniachi, but can we do that ? can we give him a little time while checking our blood pressure even when we are playing against Chad, Tanzania, Malta and the Phillipines.

    God help us

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  • Le 16 octobre 2013 à 01:46, par El Monero Wiseman En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke


    C’est Quelle ARMEL KANA qui joue en coton sport noh ? pardon dit moi

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  • Le 16 octobre 2013 à 04:12, par JK En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    Ghana with their Ghanian coach 6, Egypt with their white coach 1. Where is our Akono Jean Paul ? This Finke man is bullshit. Nigeria and Ghana are doing extremely well with their native coaches paying them just 1/100th of what we are paying our white coaches who are doing nothing. Finke of Cameroon 1 goal in 5 matches. Kwesi Apiah of Ghana 6 goals in 1 match. While Ghanaians don’t have big names like Eto’oo nor players playing in big European teams like Cameroon, they have a native coach who understands the country and the players. Same as Keshi of Nigeria. They mix up a few home based players with a few professional players and the job is done because they believe in their country. According to Finke, there are no good home based players in Cameroon even though he has never taken the time to go around the various provinces to watch competitions. He spends all his time in Europe as Africa is not good enough for living.

    Cameroonians should rise up and stop this stupidity. We have enough veteran players like Keshi of Nigeria who can do just the same as Keshi is doing in Nigeria. The only problem is that Cameroon is too corrupt and it can’t happen

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  • Le 16 octobre 2013 à 14:42, par Takalla_ En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    Finke really knows he’s not competent to manage the national team, but Camfoot is busy helping him and try to hide he’s poor result.

    Poor african ! Everyone should be able to travel, to really understand the world, to really understand the way white people think about the black men ….Samuel Éto’o is a gift for us and white people with never be our friend whatever happen ! We have to sit down to analyse our problems and solve them ourself, we have the tools, but we don’t trust ourself, we don’t believe ourself, we just hate our leaders and we don’t protected them …we ended up trust white people more than ourself….that kind of behavour will only help us to failure.

    Eto’o is abolutly a distraction and we have to find problems somewhere else !

    nguenang = Denis Lavagne = anti Éto’o

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  • Le 16 octobre 2013 à 17:13, par SARKOZY En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    mes amis soyons Sérieux « NUL N’A LE MONOPOLE DU FOOTBALL ACTUELLEMENT QUE CE SOIT SUR LE PLAN MONDIAL TOUT COMME EN AFRICAIN SI CE N’EST QUE LE PAYS QUI PRENNENT LES CHOSES AURIEUX » qui aurait cru que l’Égypte serait corrigé et alors bien corrigé par le Ghana,alors que lui(Egypte) qui a eu la chance de faire 16/16 lors de la phase de pool, l’Éthiopie compliquer la vie au NIGERIA champion d’AFRIQUE.
    les tunisiens devraient jouer de la sorte car il n’ont jamais piler le Cameroun et surtout que ils recevaient LIC chez eux.
    « n’exigeons pas plus ce qu’on a » la Tunisie n’est pas une mince à faire et elle n’est pas là pour regarder le Cameroun faire le jeu et surtout que il s’agit du mondial !
    arrêtons de criquer car la crique est facile mais l’art est difficile.
    même-si on amenait le meilleur coach du monde actuel chez LIC, il sera toujours critiqué car on ne veut pas voir la réalité qui est en face de nous ( la méformes des joueurs LIC et l’inorganisation de la fédération) mais plutôt le succès alors que le succès c’est toute une vie .
    Mais quant à moi je donne ma chance au camerounais car le match aller nous servira de leçon afin de mieux préparer le retour à la maison !

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  • Le 18 octobre 2013 à 13:51, par Babyoh En réponse à : Educating Herr Finke

    Thanks Jk and the rest.
    I wish to thank Leon Gwod for his article.
    All I wish to say is that « LEON GWOD , YOU ARE NOT OBLIGED TO WRITE IN ENGLISH »
    Your corrected google translated french does’nt flow well in English.
    If you need English writers, please do advertise that position.
    That not withstanding , I refer you guys to MBOA FOOTBALL on this link :
    You shall find an interview of SEF and the atmosphere within the lions.

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