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PWD Bamenda : Defeats that Instigate Controversy

Head Coach says new and yet to be licensed players may improve results


By losing 1 - 2 at home last Sunday in their day two championship outing against a modest Renaissance of Ngoumou, PWD Bamenda is raising dust in metropolitan Bamenda. From evidence of play PWD’S defeat was the logical result of poor goalkeeping by Moune Armand and attackers who failed to send their noses ahead.

Le 17 mars 2004

Head coach, Djeumfa Alain acknowledges that those departments were a disappointment. Renaissance of Ngoumou took the lead with two first half goals at the 12th and 28th minutes while Elad Henry scored for PWD at the 71st minute.

The problem however is that PWD failed to turn full circle on day one action. The nation’s CAF cup representative now entertains doubts in the minds of many a supporter who are quick to find fault with the departure of defence boys, Tamukong Gaston and Jude Gadiga to Tonnerre, goalkeeper Nzonkou to Union, Godwin and Mouaka to Racing Bafoussam. Away from that, the controversy over the liberation of the said players in PWD is yet be over with former vice president, Augustine Ozoemena and the new management yet to be convincing in what they tell football fans. In effect, who plays what role in the management of PWD is still a mystery with the increasing talk of a nine-man committee whose results are still awaited. Take it or not ; the big talk in town is that PWD is managed over the telephone and with the complicity of supporters who are rather noisier than effective. So far ; there has been no official or public intention declared by supporters to set records straight. Rather ; everybody seeks to blame.

Comewhatmay, there is hope and comfort as the team’s co-ordinator, Barrister Bonu Innocent is a believer in positive things ahead. In the same vain, head coach, Djeumfa Alain, appears to be conscious of the challenges that await his team but regrets that as at day two action only 19 players have been licensed to play for PWD. He nurses hope that the sun will soon shine on the team because there are seven new players expected to be signed among whom are two attackers, defenders and goalkeeper Kemajou Armand who carried Tonnerre Yaounde around the continent two years ago for the CAF cup competition. Djeumfa’s disappointment however is that management is delaying action to make the new players officially feature with PWD.

Choves LOH, Cameroon-Tribune


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