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E1 : Tiko season’s first victory

Publié le 29 novembre 2010

An inspired spirited fight-back from Valentine Atem inspired the Samba boys to comeback and claim their first victory of the season three goals to two against a Panthere squad that led the game all through.

Tiko United

Valentine Atem Fondongbeze was handed his debut after signing for the club at the beginning of the season alongside “want away” striker, Agbor Kevin infront of a five-thousand man crowd that turned out at the Tiko municipal stadium.

But it was the visitors who shocked the home crowd with the opening goal just seven minutes into regular play time through Kamwa.Valentine Atem announced his come-back in Cameroon through a thunderbolt equaliser at the 32nd minute but Choubia sent the visitors back again infront with a stunning free kick. Valentine Atem was back again to do business for the Samba boys as Agbor Kevin’s ball met his right foot and he wasted no time in driving home the equalizer for the Samba boys.

However, The Tiko public kept pushing on and on as they were in dire need of a victory and despite the introduction of some attacking arsenal by the Samba boys in the person of Moumie, Panthere stood firm and could even take the lead once more but their strikers fell short of the last touch. Tiko United densified play at the centre circle with the introduction of Bate and got an upper hand in the game. As both sides were heading to share the points, Tiko United benefited from a penalty in the dying minutes of the game which Agbor Kevin wasted no time in transforming it and putting his side ahead.

Tiko United record their first victory of the season and now move to four points alongside their opponents of the day. The will have to confirm this new found form next week against Renaissance of Ngoumou in Yaounde.

F. Ajumane in Tiko


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