Droit de réponse à la chronique - « May His Days Be Few »

Dear Mr. Director, It is with absolute disbelief that I read your article, titled “May His Days Be Few”, article that was published on your website on July 2, 2016. It is shocking to me that a “journalist” would write such a piece without basis. By all accounts, the hatred of FECAFOOT authorities has surely led some people to complete blindness : this is a pity for Cameroon and Cameroonians, who deserve better…

Le 4 juillet 2016

Note de la Rédaction : Mr Ben Modo [1] réagit ici à un texte d’opinion de notre chroniqueur que l’on peut retrouver à cette adresse : May His Days Be Few (Psalm 109:8). Nos chroniqueurs sont des éminences grises choisies sur le volet, qui disposent de la liberté complète dans leur traitement. Par souci d’équité, nous publions ce droit de parole dans son intégralité

I do not intent to justify myself in the face of such stupidity, but would like to take this opportunity, to give your readers a chance to get better insight, in the capabilities of Prime Potomac Group. This can be achieved by watching the following video :

To the People of Cameroon, I want to say that I’m confident you know better…

To the African and Cameroonian Diasporas, those young men and women who live abroad with the ambition to contribute to the development of their country of birth, I want to say this :

If you can think it, you can do it. Therefore, let no one intimidate you and yours dreams. Do not be afraid. Losers project their failure to others. They can’t win and as a result, they want everyone around them to be winless. Do not share that portion. Africa needs you. Cameroon needs your involvement. It is your job too, to help make Africa a better continent : a better place for this generation and generations to come…

I said it before : whether people like it or not, those stadiums are going up !! And no amount of blackmail or intimidation, will stop us from giving the youth of Cameroon, the stadiums they so rightfully deserve.

May God continue to give you strength, in the face of Adversity…

Thank You

Ben Modo
President & CEO
Prime Potomac Global
1350 Avenue of the Americas
2nd Floor – Ste 424
New York, NY 10019
Email : Ben_Modo@PrimePotomac.org
Website : www.PrimePotomac.org



[1Nous avons rectifié le nom de notre texte initial pour y inscrire le libellé exact tel que passeport du nom de Mr Modo. Avec nos excuses.

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  • Le 5 juillet 2016 à 17:18, par omar En réponse à : Droit de réponse à la chronique - « May His Days Be Few »

    Instead of the promotional video of Prime Potomac, I would have been happy to see the progress of work on the field. It would have been better to show images as response to Leon Gwog rather than insulting him too. You’re both the same.
    Don’t forget, the stopwatch is running, you have only 6 months now ...

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  • Le 5 juillet 2016 à 14:45, par DannyDan En réponse à : Droit de réponse à la chronique - « May His Days Be Few »

    Dear Mr. Ben Modo, I think it is clear by now that Camfoot has an axe to grind against you and I think you have done more than your fair share of attempts at justifying yourself and your organisation on this website. I find it, like you, rather disconcerting that Camfoot, in order to fill up a dry spell on published articles on their website decide to resort to the intrigues of a dilettante (Leon Gwod) whose article on your organisation was discredited by « mere » readers like myself after a simple internet search. That being said, I understand your rage at the impetuous nature at this whole written diatribe against your organisation, but I think in order to do no more damage to your company maybe you should stop responding. In your response you said « I do not intend to justify myself in the face of such stupidity..., » a formulation which goes against the diktats of corporate communication. I would suggest you employ the services of a communications agency to deal with any future tight trouser moments such as this.

    • Le 5 juillet 2016 à 14:46, par DannyDan En réponse à : Droit de réponse à la chronique - « May His Days Be Few »

      Quant a vous Camfoot. Vous dites « Nos chroniqueurs sont des éminences grises choisies sur le volet, qui disposent de la liberté complète dans leur traitement. » Soite, mais je pense que ces memes chroniqueurs sont sous votre tutelle et il de votre devoir de bien rediger les chroniques avent d’accepter qu’ils soient postEs sur ce site. Apres les nombreuses intervention sur ce meme site par rapport a la construction de ces stades, je pense que vous avez clairement une tres mauvaise intention envers ce monsieur et ce ponce pilatisme avec laquelle vous vous justifiez n’est que de la poudre au yeux ! Ou alors tout simplement vous n’avez pas quelqu’un qui parle couramment anglais pour comprendre que ce que Mr Leon Gwod a ecrit etait tout simplement ce que beaucoup qualiferait sur ce forum de « torchon. » Un torchon non fondE et partiel pour ainsi dire. Etant « la reference du football camerounais » je pense que vous valez mieux que ca.

      As for you Mr Leon Gwod I want to believe you are nothing but a dilettante and an attention seeker ; and a misogynistic one at that. Yes, I say misogynistic. And this is in reference to an article you wrote about « Dinaly » when she took the head of a second division club and another you wrote about the female national which you tried without success to disguise as sarcasm but we were not fooled. It’s really poor of you to do such and I do hope you

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  • Le 5 juillet 2016 à 13:15, par chowankid En réponse à : Droit de réponse à la chronique - « May His Days Be Few »

    In reality, what are they really digging with these instruments of the « Old Stone Age ? »
    A notre age, on creuse meme quoi avec les pioches, houes et autres ?????????? Ce n’est pas possible !!!!!!!

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